poniedziałek, 2 grudnia 2013


After so many years i back to doing a Cross Stitch. I used some pattern i found in net. I will modify it a bit cuz i will made 2 squirels and i wanna add some flowers around. After today's work i finished first squirrel.

And its pattern i used

środa, 27 listopada 2013

Yankee candle

 My dear friend recommended me some tarta  wax melts , and its awesome. You using it like oils in warmer (like on photo) . I just love cinnamon and apple smell.

poniedziałek, 25 listopada 2013

Rose lip balm ^^

Last weekend i was on beauty and wedding fair.
One dress from this event was really pretty ^^ but most was just normal.
Anyway i bought there cute  rose lip balm.
Its small but scent is awesome :3 so was not waste of money.

This cosmetic series have nice design ,and they smell really pretty ^^


niedziela, 29 września 2013

Merry making in the ghost town

This dress is avable since some time but im not really into news that much like earlier.
I  love print and colors so i coudnt miss it and didnt write here. There is avable 2 jks and skirt.
here i really like top of this dress but bottom is a bit weird. Whitout open side will lok much better =.=

 This option is the best in my opinion, simple but great. You  focusing on pretty print not on
  shape of a dress.

Color options