niedziela, 29 września 2013

Merry making in the ghost town

This dress is avable since some time but im not really into news that much like earlier.
I  love print and colors so i coudnt miss it and didnt write here. There is avable 2 jks and skirt.
here i really like top of this dress but bottom is a bit weird. Whitout open side will lok much better =.=

 This option is the best in my opinion, simple but great. You  focusing on pretty print not on
  shape of a dress.

Color options

środa, 25 września 2013

magical houses (again)

So i add here again some pretty hauses full of magic :D
my fav is last one <3


Some time ago I sold my Lenora and i bought other bigger doll  in msd size  . I named her Shalott , she is kd Bory from Luts. name is from The lady of Shalott here some information ;)

I must make her new make up >.> cuz this one is not for me.
I didnt have enough time for sew her some clothes but in this week I will work hard.
and I need buy her new eyes soon I want green or honey colour, this one are too big and to cold.

niedziela, 15 września 2013

Cat Exhibition

Yesterday I was on cat exhibition with my bf after work ^^
This one was not that big as exhibition  which  I was  last time but still cats was so cute :D

this one bought me completely <3

poniedziałek, 9 września 2013

The Conjuring

Yesterday I watched this movie at cinema. Long time I did not saw that good scary movie. I saw to many of them so most of movies not make any impression on me. This one was really interesting as a story and  pretty scary . So i can recomend this one :D.

Next scary  movie i waiting for is

i saw first part of this and was not bad so i hope it will not shit :P

niedziela, 8 września 2013


Huh i dont really plan wedding or something :P just i found some inspiration conected with it and i wanted share with other ppl:D