czwartek, 25 sierpnia 2011

Shopping ^^

Today I bought a awesome boots .  I  needed a new boots in bright color .  In local shop i found a shoes from my wishlist.  it was perfect ^^ though just a little uncomfortable. But anyway i think it will be ok in future ^^


niedziela, 21 sierpnia 2011

sgraffito with squirrel

In beginning of summer i make a sgrafitto with squirrel eating nut on the tree.

From wikipedia
"Sgraffito (plural: sgraffiti; sometimes spelt scraffito) is a technique either of wall decor, produced by applying layers of plaster tinted in contrasting colors to a moistened surface, or in ceramics, by applying to an unfired ceramic body two successive layers of contrasting slip, and then in either case scratching so as to produce an outline drawing."

And my work

sobota, 20 sierpnia 2011

house inspiration

 Since my childhood i was dreaming about  house looking like from fairytale .    
In my dream this house must be a mix of victorian, baroque and natural hause. Must be there a lot of my paintings, dolls, flowers, herbal, woods, antiques in a  many of styles.   I hope i will there a lots of cats too ;)
The arrangement  of house must be strange . There must be a small cute tower, and a lots of floors.
On photos you can see a strange and lovely houses. I think when i will have my own house this and other photos will be a inspiration.

środa, 17 sierpnia 2011

Theresia Rose Series

 Some time ago in Innocent world show a new series named "Theresia Rose" .  In my opinion its very adorable pirnt. Roses have many details and colors not irritating in eyes .  Fabric is in 3 variants chocolate, blue and bordeaux.  With this print you can buy jks ,skirt and tote bag.




The brown jks is my favorite 

Bordeaux skirt i like soo much <3

Socks  look the best in blue and red

That look tote bag

and headdress is lovely too
i must made similar for me ^^

niedziela, 14 sierpnia 2011


Per week i will have practice in "Maryla W" atelier.
 I will be working there about dress for final "Beauty festival" in Płock.
I think it will be awsome experience. But of course i dont sew my own dress ^^' i will only help.
I little afrait of it ^^' It will a lot of work and I feel the pressure to be the best.
The tailor workshop is not in my taste but its the best in my town and its only practice ^^.

And its link to Maryla W site   link

czwartek, 11 sierpnia 2011


 Finaly i choose bjd for me ^^ My wish list is actually too but this doll will by first.

Bory is smaller and more functional than rest.

wtorek, 2 sierpnia 2011

BJD wishlist

My wish list isn't long  only 3 dolls  ^^

i can't decide what doll will first ^^'

Marguerite -Rosette dolls

 Mabel- Leele world
  and beautyfull and awsome Chloe from Little Monica
the biggest and soo much expnsive  ^^'
 I hope i will buy all