wtorek, 20 września 2011

Mori lolita

 For a long time apart lolita fashion I 'm interested in the natural kei / mori girl.
However, there is nothing better for me like a combination of these two currents.
Lolita dress with accessories in mori style <3 it is like honey for my heart .
So I decided that I would combine these two styles.
For now, I'm trying to collect more clothes in beige, brown, ecru lavender or peach color. 
and its some inspiration 

sobota, 17 września 2011


For some time I began to adore squirrels. I still love cats,but squirrels are my new obsession.

Squirrel also has become my new store logo.

piątek, 9 września 2011

Coat from IW

Next news from Innocent world ^^

In my size is few left and unfortunetly i dont have money for it >.< but I swear that I'll sew the same in November ^ ^

czwartek, 8 września 2011

poniedziałek, 5 września 2011

Cute news from innocent world ^^

  A new print with forest animals named "Delft Lotta "Jumperskirt and tote bag in similar patern .


                                                                            Standing Collar Rose Lace Onepiece

 Back Tiered Bolero
 Double Ribbon Lycee Bag