środa, 17 sierpnia 2011

Theresia Rose Series

 Some time ago in Innocent world show a new series named "Theresia Rose" .  In my opinion its very adorable pirnt. Roses have many details and colors not irritating in eyes .  Fabric is in 3 variants chocolate, blue and bordeaux.  With this print you can buy jks ,skirt and tote bag.




The brown jks is my favorite 

Bordeaux skirt i like soo much <3

Socks  look the best in blue and red

That look tote bag

and headdress is lovely too
i must made similar for me ^^

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  1. wstyd gadać, ale wzięłam obcięłam główki od goździków i nawlekłam na nitkę i.. to wszystko :P chciałam zamontować to na opasce ale się średnio udało :P