wtorek, 3 września 2013

Surface Spell

I think Surface Spell is my fav taobao lolita brand , of course they dont have awesome print ideas, but i like simple classical dresses. They have really good quality . When i got my gobelin dress i was suprised how good is this dress. Anyway I haven't buy  any lolita dress in last year. I'm focus on casual clothes in more otome/mori style. But i miss lolita a bit and i wish to have something new. I was serching  and i found a dress on surface spell and i think if i should buy this one :P. Its pretty simple dress with golden embroidery. but i dont like one thing which i see on photos. I dont like the way how they sew frill.

but i like how they made back.
So if i decide i will order it in next month or maybe in the end i will move my lazy ass and i will sew similar dress myself XD

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